sandbar & grill

Want to shock your friends and take them someplace different from your normal hangout spot? Want to take them someplace fun? Look no further than SandBar & Grill located in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Since May 1st, 2014, Seth Gebauer has owned the establishment. He has remodeled the old Poo's on the Pond and turned the bar and grill into a Lake Wissota destination.

Just what is so great about Sandbar & Grill? For one thing, the food! They offer daily specials: Monday-hot beefs, Tuesday-tacos, Wednesday-homemade pork steak and dumplings, Thursday-authentic gyros, and Friday-fish fry. They also have weekend specials that vary. Some well received weekend meals have been bacon wrapped pork medallions and pan-fried walleye.

It has been a well known fact that the joint has some of the best tacos around. They also serve fish tacos if that is more your style. But if you have other obligations on Tuesdays, their pork steak and dumplings are always a sell out. Come Friday, you will want to get ready early and head out as soon as you can, because their fish fry always draws in the crowd. 

We sat down with local business owner, Gebauer, and asked him some questions about his bar and grill.

IMPROPER ADULT: As with every business there are highlights and downfalls; what are some of your favorite moments since owning your establishment?

SETH GEBAUER: Just the general interaction with all of the customers. We have a lot of really good regular customers and good clientele all around. Human interaction is what I like most about the job.

IA: The remodel looks amazing in here, do you think that has drawn in more customers at all?

SG: Oh yeah, definitely.

​IA: Why do you think that people should come in and frequent your bar, especially if they have never been here before?

SG: We offer a great social environment for a variety of ages. We are the local neighborhood watering hole, but we have great food and really good customer service. One of the things that I strive in, is my staff to achieve good customer service. 

IA: What are some of the cool events that you offer your patrons to participate in throughout the year?

SG: We do an annual watercraft ride for autism. So we raise money every year for the autism foundation, and the special kids day that we do. We also have a canoe and kayak race in early June. This will be the second annual. We are trying to expand it, as it is a charity for a local fundraiser as well. There are numerous other events and activities consisting of but not limited to: live music on Sundays, also during Packer season we are the local Packer bar where we have great drink specials and halftime food. It is a lot of fun during a Packer and Badger game here.

​IA: Do you offer any bar leagues here?

SG: I sponsor dart league in the fall and winter, and do a volleyball league in the summer on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday that is a mixed co-ed league. We also do horseshoes as well in the summer. We also have a good sized bean bag league. Tuesday nights we have DJ trivia, that has been extremely popular with thirty to forty customers playing. 

IA: Is there anything specific that you want our readers to know about the bar and grill at all?

SG: We are a Lake Wissota destination. We have water access in the summer with boat parking. We hold birthday parties and birthday party specials. There is live music outside in the summer on the stage, with a full patio. There is always plenty of parking. If you are looking for a fun and relaxing place to go and have a good time with your friends or family, we provide everything. We have a kid friendly environment, that is until 9:00pm. [He chuckled.] At that point it is frowned upon.