Our Story

The feeling of being inadequate, not adult enough to be considered a real adult, led me to launch an idea, that I formed into a magazine. This idea, has been looming with me since I was in my teens. I knew that in just a few short years, I would be an adult…and left to make my own decisions. I also knew, that these decisions would impact my life in a far greater way than it was at the moment.

When I think of the word adult, I picture a gentleman in a suit. He is sitting at his mahogany desk, in his glass paneled office on the tenth floor of a skyscraper in New York City. He is drinking coffee out of a pearl colored mug. Everyone respects him. He drives a Lexus and has a beautiful wife with two kids in a luxurious two-story, four-bedroom house. His golden retriever comes to greet every night when he walks through the door. His wife has a feast laid out before him as they all sit down to dinner. Money is no option. Nor is the thought of unemployment. This is a proper adult.

Society has placed this concept into all of our heads. What a proper adult should be: they have the grownup job, the dream house, car, and family, they know the answers to life’s toughest questions. They are the epitome of perfect. They are classic and proper.

But not everyone lives like that. There are those that try harder than ever to make ends meet. They work two jobs and can’t afford a dog, let alone pay the water bill. They may seem inferior to most of the elite society. But that doesn’t make them any less perfect.

Improper Adult, started in April of 2016. We give hope to our readers, by letting them know, that they are not alone in this tough world of adulthood. Stories from other readers, telling about their improper adult moments, advice about decorating your home on a budget, and reviews on movies, books, songs, and alcohol, so you know what to buy and what not to waste your time on, are just some of the topics we discuss in our magazine. Everything in life, is fair game. Because anything can happen.

It's fun. It’s different. It’s an exciting time. We get to come up with topics, ideas, recipes, tips…for everyone to read. Our thoughts, are no longer just thoughts. They are out there. We’re trying to make a difference…to make everyone feel like they are important.

We have a unique concept, a concept that isn’t yet out there. Today’s world is different than it was in the fifties. There are no home ec. classes. Couples don’t need to wait until marriage to live together, enticing them to leave their childhood home sooner. Household chores are not implemented on every child. Leaving us to fend for ourselves, without being ready. But whoever is ready?

Being an adult means you don’t need to have a luxury BMW. It means, you can live in a duplex. You can go through life having no kids, or you could have five kids from three different spouses. Being an adult means, you can work at Burger King. You can bartend at your local corner pub. You can be a cameraman for your news station. You can own a restaurant. You can do whatever you please. Being an adult means you go through life as you choose. You don’t need to have it all figured out. You don’t need to be proper. We at the magazine say, it’s okay to be an improper adult.

Who said being proper was any fun!?


Snap shots of the last two years of articles, interviews, and staff life.