Senior Write/How-to Columnist

She researches or uses her own personal experiences to give readers fun tips for everyday situations.

*FUN FACT: Melissa's favorite baseball player is J.J. Hardy.

 Tammy Tauger 


She oversees all projects, articles, issues, and programs associated and for the magazine.

*FUN FACT: Tammy has played the piano since she was five years old, along with playing trumpet and being a vocal major.

Advertising Manager/Events Cordinator

She helps find advertisers that our readers would benefit from. She is in the business of helping people: customers and business owners alike. She also helps set up our events and parties throughout the year.

*FUN FACT: Theresa loves to go on mission trips to Thailand.

Bethany Willkom 


 Stefani Tauger 

 Theresa Perry 

Fashion Expert Columnist

She tells our readers about everything in the fashion industry...the dos and don'ts, while also staying true to yourself.

*FUN FACT: Bethany is also a Beachbody coach.

 Elizabeth Wyre 

Bar Guide Expert

She finds fun and unique bars from all over the Midwest and the rest of the US to give our readers insight on where to visit to have a great time.

*FUN FACT: Jenifer doesn't like chocolate.

Executive Editor

She is responsible for making sure our final product is to the standards that we want it to be at.

*FUN FACT: Elizabeth was born in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Beauty Expert Columnist

She finds beauty tips and trends to inform our readers, while answering questions about anything in the beauty world.

*FUN FACT: Olivia is also a master baker.

 Jenifer Thorpe 

Graphic Designer

She takes care of all the technical design elements for our magazine looks like perfection.

*FUN FACT: Stefani's favorite singer is Bing Crosby.

 Melissa Griebel 

 Olivia Pszeniczny