Have you always wanted to start your own business, but the stress and struggle became too much to overcome? The expense of starting your dream job is often times what hinders people from going after their goals. We are here to help as many people as possible live their best life. That is our mission with our magazine. We don't want you living everyday going to a job you hate. Life is too short for that.

We decided it was time to help out in person instead of just on paper. That is how our Improper Entrepreneur Grant was born. We came up with the idea to help someone start their own business. This grant is our way to help give back. Through fundraising efforts, we are hoping to raise $2,000 to give to a lucky person/s willing to go after their own dream job. 

You must be 18+ to enter, with a new business idea or a business that has been running less than two years. Just send in the application along with your new business plan/purposal, current business operations, or evidence of business strategizing (i.e. realtor rental blueprints, decor details, business specials, models, drafts, or signage). 

Turn in all applications by May 21st, 2018. 

​Below is a link to our application. 


Improper Entrepreneur Grant

We have been in business for two years and we are extremely excited about everything that we have accomplished! Come celebrate with us and see our most memorable moments thus far. The event will take place at Hobbsy's & Me Bar located on Locus Lane in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Beer, snacks, and prizes will be given. TBA date and time.

Improper Adult Anniversary Party