What's the craze

New Orleans has a lot to offer. The French Quarters alone can make the best vacation. If the winter blues are hitting you a little too hard this holiday season, remember that Nola can help cheer up the grumpiest of people. We took in the sites and browsed the city...all on a budget. You can too. 


take a look at the fun and newest trends out there!

Finglerings are all the rage this holiday season. So much so, that they are turning into the hardest to find toy this Christmas. Can we say Jingle All the Way? Recommended for kids of almost all ages, they react to motion, touch, sight, and sound...plus other finglerlings.

Other items on our radar: Lose It! app, Backpack Purses, and Cream Liqueurs.

Delve inside

Nestled in Stone Lake, Wisconsin is one of the funniest craft beer establishments to appear on this side of the Mighty Mississippi. Run by two couples with the entrepreneurial bug, they will be celebrating their one year anniversary this coming February. Craft beer and coffee, all in one location, what more could you ask for?!

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